Specialist staff for maintenance and overhaul of turbines and rotating equipment

Cr8las Rotating Equipment

team specialists all over the world

Cr8las Rotating Equipment is active worldwide in the installation, maintenance and overhaul of stationary (gas, water or steam) turbines. A highly specialized branch for which we can supply experienced technicians, supervisors and engineers. We can supplement the technical team with crane operators, forklift drivers, but also with manhole guards and riggers. Safety and unburdening of the customer is central here.

We supply specialists in maintenance and overhaul worldwide

total package

The activities focus on the installation and maintenance of the turbine itself, but also on the generators and associated parts, or rotating equipment. Maintenance and overhaul in major power plants around the world is crucial to keep the countries and their economies running.

We go further than just posting the best personnel for the assignment. Cr8lasRotating can take the entire process off your hands. From design to installing the necessary machines and equipment on location. For example, we supply fully equipped tool containers or cranes where necessary to support our work.

Our field service technicians, supervisors and engineers are recruited worldwide and assist customers where necessary 24 x 7.