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Cr8las Group

the beginning

 Coen Litjens is the foundation of Cr8las Group. In the midst of the crisis in 2010, he chose to set up his own company with his technical expertise in welding, assembly, technical maintenance and turbine service.

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Cr8las Group

Cr8las Group is much more than a welding and assembly company. The company has four separate specialties. Metal Works for high-quality and tailor-made welding and assembly work. Field Services focuses on certified welding and technical maintenance / new construction. The Turbine Services / Rotating Equipment component is linked to this. A specialism in which Cr8las takes care of the maintenance and overhaul of (gas, water and / or steam) turbines. Experience shows that technical professionals are scarce. An equally important branch within the company is therefore Technical Personnel. Cr8las Group is the partner for qualified technical personnel for many large (inter) national clients and also provides internal and external training.

The specialist knowledge that Coen brings to the company has made Cr8las Group a world-class player. The management has been strengthened since 2017 financial director Bastian Bouwsema. With an (inter)national clientele in the automotive, food, turbine and construction industry, Cr8las Group is ready for the future!